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The 6th Tournament of the 2014-2015 CBA Season will be the Baker Doubles and will be held on October 25th & 26th, 2014 at Island Xtreme Bowl. Start Time will be 9:00 AM on Saturday and we will be bowling 16 Games of Baker Doubles qualifying with the top 8 to 12 teams (depending on entries) making the cut to Sunday match play.

12 Teams will make cut with 36 or more entries

Following the qualifying we will have our Annual Awards Banquet – Everyone is invited to stay and enjoy the festivities

We are full at 48 entries for this weekends baker doubles event at Treasure Island.  Just a reminder to all CBA members.  Rules state that members signed up to bowl a limited size field tournament that fail to show for the tournament are responsible for the entry payment if the field doesn’t fill.  If you are on the attached list and cannot make it, please let me know as soon as possible as we do have a waiting list at this time.  Thank you.

CBA Baker Doubles @ Treasure Island Sign Ups
1 Ryan Oswood/Paula Mills
2 Dave Langer/Dan Langer
3 Alexx Borst/Jamie Clark
4 Matt Paine/Charles Hayslett III
5 Bob Micek/Al Hartnick
6 Alex Blaisdell/Eric Winkler
7 Dustin Barr/Jason Barnhouse
8 John Eiss/Lisa Noor
9 Cody Devoe/Carter Palm
10 Scott Anderson/Joey Robillard
11 Dale Boynton/Chris Mart
12 John Hommes/Gary Green
13 Mike Skinner/Dave Bordson
14 Mark Keykal/Daron Hansen
15 Dan Beckjorden/Chris Hammerschmidt
16 Chad Nelson/Dan Bock
17 Clark Poelzer/Carl Poelzer
18 Katie Mae Pritchard/Katie Ann Sopp
19 Sam Lantto/Jason Smith
20 Tom Corbett/Scott Sodegren
21 Brian Crane/Justin Schiffler
22 Tim O’Ryan/Nick Pate
23 Tom Jones/Grant Frame
24 Tracey Magnuson/Deb Hofmann
25 Dave Lutz/Ken Holets
26 Matt Wratz/Wes Stockwell
27 Casey Odell/Billy Mettee
28 Brian Floen/Rob Downer
29 Tom Korth/Bob Hager
30 John Kreyer, Jr./Mike Wirz
31 Chuck Vashaw/Zac Vashaw
32 Jeff Walther/Bob Wolfe
33 Dave Oulman/Billy Pautz
34 Travis Wangerin/Nick Hogan
35 Sam Sylvester, Jr./Keith Howard
36 Steve Nava/Bob Newbauer
37 Amber Gehrke/Dave Bohn
38 Dana Wright/Ron Cleveland
39 Dan Triske/Kris Stevens
40 Luke Voaklander/Nick Larson
41 Alan Wedrickas/Tyler Espe
42 Brady Stearns/Justin Fatze
43 Jason Kes/Jeff Kes
44 Greg Poole/Wayne Poole, Jr.
45 Steve Kohner/Matt Olive
46 Ryan Burr/Rob Clements
47 Alexa Wasmund/Tyler Swanson
48 Mike Upton/Frankie Jacobson

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