About CBA

The Central Bowlers Alliance (CBA) is a scratch tournament organization for bowlers in the Upper Midwest Area. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota we attract bowlers from the Greater Minnesota Area along with Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota & South Dakota. The CBA was started in 1971 with tournament director John Dorek running the organization until July 1992 when Tom Corbett took over. Tom handed off the tournament director duties to Jason Hanson in May 2013.

Click on the link for our complete set of rules – 2019-2020 CBA Rules

CBA Mission Statement

The Central Bowlers Alliance (CBA) exists to provide a competitive forum for bowlers with advanced skills to test their abilities with their peers in a non-handicap format.

The CBA is a non-profit organization open to all USBC members in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North & South Dakota on a non-discriminatory basis.

The CBA is administered by a board of directors consisting of active CBA members elected by the membership and by a tournament director who serves at the pleasure of the board.

The CBA strives to present a positive image of the sport of bowling and its participants, and to help bowling & bowlers achieve the level of recognition they deserve as a sport and athletes, respectively.

The CBA continually seeks ways to strengthen the organization in terms of current stability and future growth in order to best serve its membership.

The CBA pledges to cooperate with, and assist, to the fullest extent possible, bowling proprietors and others in the bowling industry to enhance the economic health of the industry in the Upper Midwest so that the sport of bowling may continue to provide recreation and competition to bowlers of all skill levels.